Boryeong Mud Skin Lotion 140ml (AM / PM)
Boryeong Mud Skin Lotion 140ml (AM / PM) Facial Toner All Products Distributor, Supplier, Exporter, Supplies ~ Boryeong Mud Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Toner is made of 5% mud water. Toner will clean any last traces of impurities and preparing skin for the next skin care regime. Skin feel fresh and soft.

Ingredients: Sea Silt Extract, Artemisia Princeps Leaf Extract, Algae Extract.

Usage: Gently wipe over clean skin with cotton and pad dry.

보령머드 스킨로션 140ml

히아루론산 유도체를 함여하여 보습력을 높이고, 감초산유도체, 쑥추출물이 배합되어 피부를 부드럽게 진정시켜줍니다.

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