Elasah Red Ginseng Anti-Wrinkle Water Drop 50ml (AM / PM)
Elasah Red Ginseng Anti-Wrinkle Water Drop 50ml (AM / PM) Facial Moisturiser All Products Distributor, Supplier, Exporter, Supplies ~ Boryeong Mud Malaysia Sdn Bhd
This moisturiser with ginseng extract will regenerate collagen, detoxify and rebalance oil gland production to delay skin aging. Its natural whitening ingredients from mulberry bark extract will lighten pigmentation and brighten skin complexion. Its burdock root extract with Vitamin B and E and strong antioxidant will heal any skin conditions.
Usage: After cleanse and tone skin, apply a small amount on face and neck. Gently massage until water drops form, and lightly pat skin to increase absorption. A thin film will be form to retain moisture all day long.

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